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About Us

The mission of the International Society for Occupational Science is to facilitate connections among people and groups who share a commitment to occupation-focused research, education, and practices; to encourage engagement with occupational science among people who are new to the discipline; and to create opportunities for inclusive and diverse dialogues about the role(s) occupational science can play in meeting societal needs

By 2027, the International Society for Occupational Science will be seen as a bridge builder within the international occupational science network; have established mechanisms for advancing the vitality and visibility of occupational science; and be a champion for occupational science’s commitments to inclusion, diversity, and social transformation

A five-member Executive for managing ISOS is elected by the ISOS members for a term of 3 years. The members of the Executive communicate with each other via online meetings and email.Members of ISOS may login onto the website to access documents and information, and to have discussions and meetings. Members may follow all the actions of ISOS, as well as take part in decision making through Google Groups. 


Membership is open to people and organisations interested in occupational science research and education, and those who support the promotion of occupation for health and community development. If you are interested in becoming a member of ISOS, please click the link below.

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