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ISOS Workshops

"International connections in the study of occupation" at the 2014 Joint International Occupational Science Conference

17 October, 2014
Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA


ISOS convened a workshop focusing on International connections in the study of occupation because one objective of ISOS is facilitation of international networks to develop knowledge of the diverse nature of occupation around the world.

Three 20 minute presentations were used as stimulants for group discussion addressing questions such as:

Why connect internationally?
Who are potential international collaborators?
How do we find them?
What facilitates international collaboration?
What are the barriers to and challenges with international collaboration?
What are the strategies to initiate and maintain international collaboration?
What are the benefits of international collaboration?

The presentations were:

Occupational Justice and Social Occupational Therapy: mapping the discussion about social issues and building international  dialogues

Ana Malfitano, Lilian Magalhães, Elizabeth Townsend, PhD

Critical occupational perspectives on societal issues: Reframing the problems of ‘population aging’

Elizabeth A. Townsend, Debbie Laliberte Rudman, Charles Christiansen

Journal of Occupational Science: A means of advancing International Connections for the Study of Occupation

Sue Forwell, Mandy Stanley, Shoba Nayar

See the attached powerpoints of the introduction, presentation 1 & presentation 2 .

"Identifying research topics to increase occupational therapists' understanding of human occupation" at the WFOT Congress 2014

20 June, 2014

Jokohama, Japan

During the XVI WFOT congress, held in the city of Yokohama, Japan; around 50 people from different countries attended a new ISOS workshop.

The theme of the activity was "Identifying research topics to increase occupational therapists’ understanding of human occupation" and its aim was to identify & prioritise occupation-based research topics considered important by occupational therapists for continued development of occupational therapy.

- Firstly, as an introduction, ISOS mission, aims, and beliefs on occupation and occupational science were presented.

- Next, the current situation of occupational science accross the regions was presented by each representant from ISOS board.

- Finally, participants discussed in small groups different research topics, interests and expectations regarding issues such as occupations across the life span; differences in gender and occupations; relationship between occupation and wellbeing; concepts related to occupation; new technologies for occupational therapy; life balance and disability; conections between occupation and health; measurement of occupational conditions and needs; culture and human rights; for occupational science's development around the world.

You can watch the pictures from the event, as well as read the notes from the groups by clicking the links bellow.

Workshop preliminary notes

ISOS Presentation 

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