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Transparency, Diversity, and Inclusivity in Occupational Science: An Unconferencing Conversation

Date and Time:
May 31, 2023 (Wednesday)

Pacific Time: 8am

Central European Time: 5pm


Event description:
The first virtual event for 2023 will be formatted as an ‘Unconference’, a participant-driven meeting
where participants are free to set their own agenda (given a broad topic, see event title above), ask questions, discuss, and end up with an output comprising of a theme of take home messages. An unconference moves away from the traditional way of meeting with people. While semi-structured in nature, the end goal of an unconference is to foreground the voices of participants rather than experts in decision-making, problem-solving, and co-creating. Registration is free.

Event goals:

  1. To discuss issues and solutions on how transparency, diversity, and inclusivity should be positioned in occupational science

  2. To allow participants to create their own learning goals and reflections from the unconferencing format, keeping in mind the broad topic proposed

  3. To promote ISOS as an occupational science organization and its future events

Our Goal

The intent of the ISOS Virtual Event is to initiate critical discussions about occupational science and its relationship to the discipline’s current position in society and the potential contributions that it could, and should, make now and into the future.


This year, the virtual event occurs every three months. The actual event is one hour done online via Zoom. Also, the host or organizer of the virtual events would typically be from the ISOS Board, but of course if a certain group from the ISOS membership would like to organize that on their own, then it should be fine. Organizing means providing the ZOOM meeting details, co-promoting the event with ISOS, comoderating the event with ISOS, and providing a summary of highlights from the virtual events for documentation. If you would like to present at our ISOS Virtual Event, please click here (coming soon):

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