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ISOS Virtual Events Series 2022

We are broadening the OS conversation!

Our intent is to initiate critical discussions about occupational science and its relationship to the discipline’s current position in society and the potential contributions that it could, and should, make now and into the future.

each event will involve two invited scholars who will engage around the theme:

OS & society: critical conversations about current and future disciplinary contributions


third event poster.png

The International Society of Occupational Science (ISOS) will be hosting its final virtual event
for 2022 on the 18 October. Instead of ISOS invited speakers, we are excited to invite
anyone who would like to share their ideas to contribute to ongoing knowledge
development and necessary transformations within occupational science to sign up as a
presenter for this event.
Prior to the event each presenter will also have been assigned a discussant. The envisaged
format for the event involves each presenter having 15 minutes to share their ideas with the
audience, after which the discussant will share their thinking and reflections on the ideas
presented. We will use a conversational approach to engage the audience in discussion
about those ideas shared in order to create an opportunity to generate further connections
and thinking.
If you’re interested in signing up as a presenter or discussant for our next event, please

click here to register by filling in this google form with a short
(150 word) description of your contribution. The deadline to register as a presenter is 30
September 2022. Once you have confirmed your interest to present we will be in touch!

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