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Our History


August 2006
Dr Elizabeth Townsend retired as Vice President (Finance).

July 2006
ISOS convened the Inaugural International Occupational Science Think Tank (TT1) which was hosted by AOSC, the Australasian Occupational Science Centre, in Nowra, Australia.
TT1 received local, national and international sponsorship.
Dr Ann Wilcock retired from her position as President of ISOS.


May 2005

The Journal of Occupational Science (JOS) became the official journal of ISOS, and ISOS became an official associate of JOS.


June 2004

The ISOS website was launched


December 2003

ISOS was acknowledged as a tax exempt association.


November 2002

The University of Southern California became the second ISOS Charter Institutional Member.


June 2002

An informal gathering of the ISOS executive, members and interested others was held in Stockholm


March 2002

The University of Texas, Medical Branch became the first ISOS Charter Institutional Member.


October 2001

ISOS became an incorporated association.Peter Williamson, Australia, accepted the position of ISOS Public Officer.

May 2001

ISOS, in collaboration with the Australasian Society of Occupational Scientists (ASOS), launched the occ sci list server to facilitate global dialogue and dissemination of information among occupational scientists.


December 2000

The inaugural ISOS Executive was elected by the membership:

- President: Ann Wilcock, Australia
- Vice President: Florence Clark, United States
- Vice President (Finance): Elizabeth Townsend, Canada
- Alison Wicks, Australia, accepted the position of Executive Assistant

May 2000

ISOS endorsed a proposal to the World Federation of Occupational Therapists (WFOT) to pilot an International Advisory Group: Occupational Science. This proposal was accepted by the WFOT Council.


April 1999

The inaugural meeting of ISOS, originally called the International Interdisciplinary Group for the Promotion of Occupational Science, took place in a forum at the OT Australia National Conference in Canberra. 32 occupational therapists with a self-professed interest in occupational science were the founding members.

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